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Q.    Will my lawn be damaged by putting in a sprinkler system?

    No, our modern installation equipment provides minimal disturbances to lawns.

Q.     How do you know where to place the sprinkler heads, aren’t all systems the same?

    That the function of the Certified Irrigation Designer.  After completing a scaled drawing of your
    landscaping, we carefully select the proper sprinklers to insure uniform coverage.  Because every
    home landscape is different, your system is custom designed.

Q.     That sounds complicated and expensive, do I really need a scaled design?

    The better the irrigation design, the more efficient the system, the more efficient the system, the
    less water will be needed to irrigate.  Bottom line, you save money on your water bills for as long
    as you own your home.

Q.     I’m not sure if I can afford to install the entire system, can I just do part of it now?

    Yes.  When we develop the irrigation design for the entire property it is possible to partially install
    the system, however by completing a master plan we can anticipate future engineering
    requirements and leave provisions in the ground to complete the system without incurring
    additional costs later.

Q.     What brand of equipment do you use?

    Our years of experience has taught us that no one manufacturer can claim to have superior “total
    system,” rather they each have superior components.  We include only the best field tested
    professional grade components from the various manufacturers to produce the finest sprinkler
    system possible.

Q.     What kind of maintenance does a system require, and who provides it?

    Over the next 20 years, your sprinkler system will require periodic servicing.  The best company
    to provide that service is the company who installed it.  Because the components are
    underground and hidden, your blueprint becomes invaluable to you for continued service.  
    Unfortunately, many companies have no interest in providing repair service beyond a couple of
    years, and most companies won’t be in business 10 years from now.  We maintain complete job
    site folders of all our installations and a computerized inventory system on service vehicles
    insures prompt, efficient service.  Additionally, for those customers who to perform minor repairs,
    we sell replacement parts in our retail store and can ship them to you U.P.S.

Q.     I’ve never had a lawn sprinkler system before, how can I be sure I’m getting a good

    Most homeowners have never purchased an automatic lawn sprinkler system and probably won’t
    again.   Your home is your most valued asset and any improvements to it should be done
    professionally to insure years of satisfaction and maintain value.  American Lawn Sprinkler, Inc.
    has established itself as the industry leader with a proven track record and years of continued

Q.     What about system warranty?

    All parts and labor are warranted against defects for a period of one year from the date of
    completion and we honor any manufacturers extended product warranty.

Q.     If I live next to a pond or stream can I use that water for my irrigation system?

    In all likelihood you can.  We have many systems utilizing natural water sources and highly
    recommend it.

Q.     Is there any charge for an estimate and how long does it take to install a system?

    There is no charge for an estimate, however there is a charge to produce the irrigation design.  
    Upon review of the design you can decide exactly how much of the installation you would like to
    install.  Normally we can produce the design within 5 working days.  Most residential systems can
    be installed in two days.  If you have any other questions or would like a free estimate, please call
    us today!  781-762-9800.

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